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About Us

Autumn Point Investment Group LLC buys, sells, and holds mortgage notes and real estate across the United States. We specialize in releasing money that’s tied up in promissory mortgage notes and other real estate investments. Unlocking these funds allows our clients to gain the liquidity they need for life’s many needs, from health-related expenses to much-needed vacations.

How We Can Help

Our expertise can help you get the most for your promissory note or real estate.

Promissory Notes

We're looking for seller-financed performing notes across the nation, so if you're receiving mortgage payments on a note, we are interested in exchanging your payments for a large lump sum.

Real Estate

We have investors available who are interested in a wide range of real property. Whether you have a rehab project or a cabin in the wilderness, we may be interested in buying it from you.

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“Autumn Point is reliable and easy to work with. Mary Kay made the process easy and kept me updated along the way. We had a hurdle come up, but we were still able to finish our work together ahead of our deadline. Thanks!!!”

-Shelby T. from Kentucky